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Self Defence Workshops

Welcome to Self-Defence Workshops as hosted by Sanette Smit (Smitti). Our workshops, aimed at the 'average' person, include:

  • A comprehensive lecture on Rape
  • Basic "tools" of defence
  • Target areas on attacker's body
  • Teaching positive attitude
  • Building confidence in one's capabilities
  • Creating awareness

Fight for your self respect. That is the best way for any human being to live. Take a step towards your personal safety. Self Defence techniques, applied accurately, are unquestionably the best way of ridding yourself of an aggressor promptly. Keep a strong attitude. Use maximum power and speed. Add up your strength. You can see. You can hear. You can move. You are stronger than you think you are.

Classes offered under the guidance of Karate Sensei, Sanette Smit, based in the Western Cape area of South Africa.

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Autumn workshop
Saturday 4 March 2017
Winter workshop
Saturday 3 June 2017
Spring workshop
Saturday 2 September 2017
Summer workshop
Saturday 2 December 2017

For private or corporate self defence lectures, self defence demonstrations, please:

Contact: Margaret
Tel / Fax: 021 461-0036
Or Smitti : 082 4153960
E-mail: or