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The Karate Book

Karate - The Essential Guide to Mastering the Art
Published by New Holland in 2001
author - Sanette Smit

Karate is the most widely recognised of the Martial Arts and today enjoys much support throughout the world. This handy guide offers a host of valuable pointers on how to get started, and covers all the most important elements that will assist both prospective and experienced karateka in refining their skills and knowledge.

Written by a foremost karate instructor with many years of experience, this book provides practical step-by-step instructions, with useful advise on training techniques and manuevres, from punches and kicks to blocks, combinations and defensive moves.

Complimented by precise, full-colour photography in a step-by-step format, the explanatory text offers definitive insights into the functions of and principles behind karate training.

Beginners are introduced into the basic elements of karate and self defence, while intermediate and experienced karateka are provided with knowledge that will provide them to hone their existing fighting skills.
Indispensable information on training techniques and the varied styles, and specific guidelines on motivation and attitude for the student make this convenient reference a useful guide for both the novice and the experienced karateka.

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