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Rape effects women of all races and ages, social and economic standing, in all parts of the world. It also happens anywhere and at any time. No woman is immune to rape. Rape is an act of control, power and violence, the traumatic experience of which could easily destroy a woman for life.

Alarming statistics
It is estimated that one out of four women within every one and a half minutes of the day in South Africa are raped. Many rapes go unreported.
These figures are devestatingly alarming and cannot be ignored considering the fact that they will, in all likelihood, become worse!

Why Self-Defence?
Self-defence techniques, applied accurately, are unquestionably the most effective way of ridding yourself of an aggressor promptly. They are accessible whenever you want them, and in any one situation there are a number of possible techniques available. Many techniques are simple and easy to apply which means that absolutely anyone can use them.
In a nutshell, self-defence is a very practical, effective and accessible form of protection which empowers the user and drastically increases their chance of survival in a threatening or potentially life-threatening situation.

What this course can offer you
This course has been specifically designed with the average woman in mind and covers the necessary principles in dealing successfully with common eventualities. It attempts to teach participants the various techniques available and their proper application, including a knowledge of the possible target areas on the attacker's body.

Additional aspects dealt with on the course include:

  • learning to identify the different stages of an attack
  • be prepared to continue your action with a continued attack
  • sensing the attacker
  • commitment

Why this course is unique
This course is unique in that it incorporates a comprehensive lecture on rape. This includes a study of the different forms of rape, e.g. confidence rape, blitz rape, anger rape, power rape, fantasy rape, date rape, gang rape, convenience rape, and sadistic rape, the profile of a typical rapist, why rape occurs, and identifying a rapist. It allows participants the opportunity to share their own experiences.

How YOU can benefit from this course
Rape is the single greatest threat to women. It not only destroys the victims, but affects the lives of other family members, friends, partners, and colleagues. Fears of rape can have an impact on individual freedom, lifestyle options and workplace productivity. There is, consequently, an urgent need to train all women to take care of themselves.

By enrolling on this course you will be taking a positive and necessary step towards ensuring your personal safety.

Types of courses available

  • A course that runs over a period of a few weeks as required
  • One or many workshops which are tailored to meet the requirements of the participants
  • Lectures
  • Seminars running over just one, two, or three days
  • Customised workshops (broken down into 1-hour/2-hour or 3-hour session)
  • Corporate
  • Private groups
  • Schools
  • Tertiary Institutions

For your convenience workshops can be conducted at your own premises.

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