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Ashihara Karate International

Ashihara Karate International S.A.

Ashihara Karate South Africa

Kyokushin Karate Cape Town

Scorpion Karate Pretoria

Sabaki Challenge

ShinBudoKai Martial Arts Org.

Shotokan Karate International S.A.

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African Enshin Karate

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Africa Aikido Ryu (Harun Haupt DojoCho)

Aiki-Sambo Dynamic Japanese Martial Arts

Al Azhar Institute Cape Town

All Things Property

Ashihara Karate India

Ashihara Karate International HQ

Ashihara Karate International

Ashihara Karate Seychelles - Egbert Moustache

Ashihara Karate Singapore - Leslie Ng

Ashihara Karate

Ashihara Karate South Africa

Ashihara Karate Swaziland - AK Dlamini

Ashihara Karate USA

Ashihara Karate Sabaki Book - the Essential Guide

Asaabireen Travel

Blinds World, Curtains & Awnings

Blouvlei LSEN School

Blueline Flooring Services

bWise Mobile Africa

Cape Turismo Tours

Combat Kenpo Jiu Jitsu

Commonwealth Karate Federation (CKF)

DC Metal Works- custom steel fabrication


Diverse Creations - Party Planning

Dollars Inc

Dr Docratís DermaCity - Dermatologist

Dr. Latiefah Dacosta - Dentist

Dr. Ramzie Hendricks - Chiropractor

Dr. Razak Dhansay Fertility Clinic

Dr. Van Aswegen - Opthalmologist

Dulux Paint Specialists

Dynamic Books KZN

Eezy Hiring Services

Energy Arts for Chinese Martial Arts

English Made Easy the Cape Town Way

Erik Petermann German Language classes

Fancy Pigeon Association

Fay Martial Arts Wear & Gear

5th Avenue Lodge Rondebosch

Firmstone Training Academy

First Aid Academy

Gas Guys

Gleemore Travel

Hadj Campaign

Harris Ohlson Heat Management Systems

Heske Print Finishing Services

HSN Travel & Tours

Huiskos- Afrikaanse kos kook resepte

Ichiban Kyokushin Karate Association

Indulge Cooking Book

Innovativ Food Solutions

Instyle Travel

Integrated Energy Africa

Islam Expo S.A.

Itheko Event Management

Joys Driving School

Kaizen - Self Defence Academy Rocklands

Karate Association Western Province

Karate Lugano Switzerland

Karate Odyssey

Karate in South Africa

Karate Schools in Cape Town & elsewhere

Karate South Africa

Kardio Warrior

KarYoga Center Los Angeles

Kaubone Projects & Construction

Kenpo Karate (Tiger Academy)

Khanís Chemicals

Kuhumelela chartered accountants

Kumnandi Technologies

Kuyukai Karate South Africa

Kyokushin Karate Cape Town

Kyokushin Karate Africa

Kyokushin Kan Karate

Kwality Indian Foods & Fashions USA

Lansdowne Coach Works

Leaf Petroleum Company

Life Chiropractic Centre

Lofob - League of Friends of the Blind

Made to fit Blinds

Magnum Carpets, flooring & blinds

Mandalay Coatings

MASK Attorneys

Massage Therapists

Matushi Martial Arts Products

Mediline Hygiene for Industrial Chemicals

Millenium Plastics & Signs

MRH @ Work

Muslimah Revolution  - coaching to empower & Transform

My Furn - for quality furniture

Nadiaís Property Shop

Nottingham Martial Arts

Palm Tourism

Pelican Accommodation

Perfect Weapon Kenpo Karate

Pickers Meat Market

Piper Knife Fighting

Pretorius Attorneys

Quality Copiers & Printers

R Manie Bookkeepers & Accountants


Rafahís Sewing Studio

Ramadan Kareem

Rebel Square Construction

Resident Homestay

Rgee -Menís Wear for fashion underwear

RJ Business Solutions

RJ Dragons Kenpo Karate

Rocking Kids

Rocksole Shoe & Bag Repairs

Rubitex Fashion Fabrics

Sabaki Challenge

Sanitary Care & Blinds

S.A. National Taekwondo Federation

Saidís Karate, Gym & Fitness Centre


Scorpion Karate International

Secret Destinations Travel & Tours

Self Defence Workshops

Shaanti Lodge Gatesville

Shanaaz Parker Cooking Recipes

Sherwood Park Special Care Centre

Shin Budo Kai Martial Arts Org

Shotokan Karate International S.A.

Shotokan Karate Association World

Shugyosha Publications

Sky Lifts (Skylifts) for Home Elevators & Observation Elevator

Solaheat - Solar Water Heaters

Sol Heat - Solar Water Heating

Solar Geyser

Solar Quotes

Solar Water Geyser

Solar Water Heater

Solomon Karate Schools - Inoue Ha Shito Ryu

Soni Art Studio

Spilhaus Irrigation

St. Josephs Special School

Sunit Gupta Psychic Realm

Sunit Gupta -Actor Extra-ordinairre

Sunit Gupta Health

Sun Tours SA


The Cape Commentator

The Lace Shop

The Royal Chauffeuring Company

The Tax Man

Tokai Plumbing -heat pump specialist

Travel Xpress Hajj & Umrah

Turning Point Media

UCT Islamic Society

Urban Aakhada - Functional Martial Arts

UVC Bot - Portable Decontamination Solution

Vesani Engineering Services

Vohraís Martial Arts Academy

Weight Loss through Hypnosis

World of Birds

Zodiac & Astrological Signs DVDís

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